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  • Ollie Sparks

Troop 372 Christmas Party!

The scouts of Troop 372 sure had a blast last night! The Ligonier Camp and Conference Center hosted the Annual Christmas Party for the Scouts this year. There were games, snacks, and gift bags for all.

To kick off the beginning of the party, Kyle Nicodemus, a Life Scout, became the newly elected boys SPL during elections. Everyone thanks Kurt Roadman, the current boys SPL for everything he has worked on in the past year.

Gift exchange

Next was the gift exchange, which was a lot of fun in the end. Heck, I even got some spam in my bag!

We all thank the Ligonier Camp and Conference Center for letting us use the pavilion for the party, and the Scouts had an absolute bundle of fun last night!

Snowball dodgeball!

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