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  • Oliver Sparks

Christmas is in the air!

On December 5, 2020, the scouts in Troop 372 decided to go to the Bethlen Homes and decorate to spread some Christmas cheer. Despite the outbreaks of Covid-19, morale is high as these bold, slightly shivering scouts decided to come together for this special event.

Among the scouts was Ben Sparks, who decided to create and model a small family of three snowmen on the bell statue just outside of the Home.

Scouts also hung pinecones topped with peanut butter and seeds for the birds to enjoy and to also create a festive scene for many. They hung wreaths made of cereal and cranberries as well.

Yessir, these Scouts are working their hardest to keep people’s hopes up during these harsh, cold, and social-distanced days. But that’s all part of being there when people need you most! That’s what Scouts is all about!

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