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  • Oliver Sparks

All trees sold!

Well, it’s official. The Tree Lot in Ligonier is officially closed for the year. The trees really sold out fast. We actually sold more trees in the first few days than we did last year! Still, business was booming, and the Scouts of Troop 372 worked hard.

A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who came out and supported the troop by purchasing trees and making donations!

In just a few days after the official opening, the scouts decided on shifts to work in the Tree Lot hours. The work was hard, especially when it got really cold at night. But, like always, the brave scouts of Troop 372 pushed on through rain, snow, and the bitter cold. But, the landscape around the scouts changed into a winter wonderland, giving a much more festive, holiday landscape.

Though Covid has been rough on many, the brave Troop 372 pushed forward to sell trees and deliver the Christmas spirit that brought happiness to the buyers of those trees. So merry Christmas to all, and to all scouts, keep up the hard work!

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